This course introduces students to the basics of makeup. It starts with makeup theory and goes on to covers topics like Tools of Makeup, trolley preparation, kit setup, Day Makeup, Evening Makeup, Party Makeup, corporate Makeup and Natural look make

To be able to boost your self esteem and feel sensible regarding yourself could be a major key in de-stressing and handling your everyday struggles. Some may even see the art of makeup as an escape to a world that they want to live in permanently; others could also be driven towards creating it a profession; whereas others treat it as merely a hobby. no matter your reason, the Advanced Makeup class is definitely for you!

The Advanced class delves deep into the unique techniques and advanced makeup appearance that area unit trending these days. This category is additionally terribly appropriate for however not limited to, those fascinated by changing into a Makeup creator, because it provides an in depth data of the profession, along with some tips and tricks. some of the appearance enclosed during this category area unit bridal and carnival!


  • Prepping the face for makeup
  • Analyzing the skin type
  • Product recommendations
  • Foundation and concealing
  • Straighten
  • Cream, liquid and powder contour
  • Blush application
  • Messy buns/side buns
  • Eyeliner – basic and winged
  • Simple / Party full face makeup
  • Lipstick application and recommendations
  • Dark Lips
  • Simple and intense Smokey eyes
  • Colored Smokey eyes full makeup
  • Glitter application
  • Lash application
  • Editorial makeup / Makeup for films and television
  • Makeup for black and white images
  • Arabic inspired makeup using scotch tape
  • Cut crease eye makeup
  • Airbrush makeup demo
  • Fashion makeup
  • Vintage makeup

This class also includes skin care and skin preparation theories for each yourself and clients.

The aim of this category is to push ability and explore the globe of makeup, whereas also discovering what you like and what works best for you. the ability to efficiently and effectively cater to clients is additionally a priority during this class. additionally, a product list of a number of my “faves” and “go-to’s”; both low finish and high end will be provided.